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Hey Guys,

 I am Jyoti and sharing the journey of my acne-prone skin to healthy glowing skin.

When did it start?

When I was 16 years old I got teenage acne on my skin. My face was full of pimples with the puss formation in it. I have undergone a lot of pain with my skin. I visited many dermatologists but there we no cure. My Pimples were going and coming back and again and again, I have to take antibiotics, applying antibiotic ointments. I became an under-confident girl as my face had started looking very bad and everyone used to ask me and give me a weird look. I stopped meeting people.

One doctor gave me a steroid that burnt my upper layer of the skin and my skin turned an almost purple color. I was shattered as I could not see myself in the mirror. 

How I cleared my skin?

I started reading books and practiced each and everything in my life to remove pimples and slowly and gradually my skin started improving with each coming day. I started making my own skincare products at home with proper knowledge and while doing this I came to know what things aggravate the skin issues and what really helps. I will be sharing blogs about skin health and people with sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, dry and oily skin will get relief from these tips for sure.  

If you really want to improve your skin then from today start following these 3 steps on a daily basis.

1 - Cleansing

2 - Toning

3 - Moisturising 

These three steps we have to do 2 times a day, once in the morning and other at night before going to bed.  

I have shared a video on this which you can watch and make your own toners and moisturizer at home.

Things Not to Do when you have Acne

Touching Your Face: Picking at the acne, touching, squeezing those zits, which can further worsen your acne. .

Dirty pillow covers

using a towel on your face

Washing your face again and again

 Leave your comment if you want to know anything specific. I will be happy to assist you 


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